“As a local FFA advisor and a Section Fruit coordinator for Indiana, I have worked with Dan Wright for many years through the fruit fundraising program. Dan’s expertise in the fruit industry is second to none in regards to the contacts he has to make sure each and every year the quality of fruit that he delivers is the best in flavor and staying power. The delivery is always on time to match our local needs with outstanding truck drivers who continually stay in contact to let you know where they are located in route. While doing all this, Dan continues to maintain the lowest price of all competitors to give us the best profit margin possible along with the cheapest price to our customers. “

David Reese
Mt. Vernon FFA Advisor

“Our shipment arrived close to the requested schedule and the fruit was as usual,of excellent quality. Thanks for your service and my personal thanks to Dan Wright.”

Jack Drago
Census Bureau Welfare and Recreation Association

“My experience with Dan Wright has been wonderful! This company is always on top of every aspect of your fruit sales journey. From their wonderful staff always calling and checking up on your progress to the delivery drivers that are always on time. You can’t beat them. Their fruit is always fresh with minimal spoilage. We never get complaints on quality! Their fruit is delicious and looks great. With all of this being said, I would recommend Dunn-Wright Inc. to any school or organization that has a fruit sale. This is by far the best fruit company to get the most bang for your buck!”

Jesse Kimmel
Agriculture Teacher and FFA Advisor
Columbia City High School
Columbia City, Indiana

“We have conducted our annual fruit sale program with Dan Wright for the past 20 years.He has supplied us with high quality fruit and the service provided by his company has been excellent. He has truly been a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend him.”

Brian Estes
Russellville, KY