Originally from Decatur, Ill......... Dan found his way down to Murray State University in Murray, Kentucky where he earned his Bachelor of Music Education degree in 1979.  Teaching up to 1984,  Dan was ushered into the fruit industry by Sunkist Growers of California.  From there, it was his start into the ever changing world of produce.

Founder and owner of Dunn-Wright Inc. since 1984.  Dan has been in the field of produce that long and has earned a lot of respect and friends among growers and packers over the years since.

Dan has had  a long relationship with citrus and apple growers working with all from Florida, Texas or California for citrus or Michigan, Virginia or Washington State for  apples and pears.  You don't work that long in the industry and not know who the best are and where the better fruit is being produced and packed.  Hands on and in the groves and orchards is where Dan likes it the most !

During the off season and when not traveling so much to the meetings and conventions of  state FFA's and Music Educators conventions, you can find Dan out on his boat fishing on beautiful Kentucky Lake or spoiling his grand children !

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