What a fast  spring and summer we have had here at Dunn-Wright Inc.  If you do not know,  we are in the process of moving our facility back to Murray , Kentucky.   In addition to moving back,  we have now connected another 7000 square feet to our existing 6000 square feet facility.

This new 7000 square-feet facility will have the capacity to hold up to 10 semi loads of cold storage along with 2500 square feet to enhance our already 6000 square feet of packing facility.  We're excited about this opportunity to come back to where it all started back in 1984 !

Lets talk about the citrus & apple  crop

Our citrus from California is doing good this year.  Harvesting will begin mid Oct of the navel crop.  So far so good.  Volume is slightly down from last year.  Our apples are in very good shape as well.  Good hardness and good color.

Our SATSUMA's will be the best this season since we have started shipping 3 seasons ago.  We have been encouraging these as the go to replacement for the tangelos and the citrus greening  that we have been warning about for the past 3 seasons out of Florida.  They are medium size and slick skin this year.  The trees are reaching maturity now and are putting out the fruit size and quality that we have been waiting for.  This will be a beautiful crop this season !

Don't forget about the California clementines ( AKA  HALOS, CUTIES ) as the replacement for the sunburst tangerine which has also been effected by the citrus greening in Florida.  Our grapefruit will be from Texas............famous ruby reds.  Texas is the Cadillac of grapefruit hands down !

Don't forget about our gift packs.  We think we put together the best and better selection of all the companies.  We have added a new gift pack that we think will move well.  The MEAT & 3 combo pack.  Check it out in the gift box section.

God Bless,

Dan Wright

Dan Wright

Dunn-Wright Inc.


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